Safer cars are a top priority for consumers, and now there is more information available than ever on the safety of new vehicles. The 5-Star Safety Rating Program, created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSA), provides information about the crash protection and rollover safety beyond what is required by federal law. With these ratings, consumers can purchase a vehicle with an abundance of safety knowledge in mind. The more stars a car has, the safer it is. 

The team at your local collision center wants you to know the ratings are determined by several different safety tests. The tests show how well a vehicle protects drivers and passengers during a crash, how well vehicles resist rollovers, and whether vehicles equipped with the latest safety technologies can help drivers avoid crashes altogether. These tests are conducted each year on new cars, trucks, SUV models, and vans. With the 5-Star Safety Rating Program, you can compare safety features and crash performance across different models. 

You can find the safety rating label right on the window of a new car. This makes it easy to see with a glance how new vehicles on a lot performed in front, side and rollover tests. You can also see the amount of safety technologies available. By shopping for cars with the most stars, you can make smart buying decisions while keeping safety in mind. 

The safety tests determine ratings by simulating different types of accidents and collecting information on the injuries that could occur in each specific vehicle. Tests are run on the most common types of crashes: frontal, side and rollover. It's important to remember that safety scores can only be compared to vehicles of similar size and weight. 

The 5-Star Safety Ratings Program also includes recommendations on the specific safety technologies that are most effective in reducing accidents. These technologies are Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Lane Departure Warning. The NHSA encourages customers to look for these three features when purchasing a new vehicle, and they are committed to making automatic emergency braking a standard feature in all vehicles by 2022*.

As the automotive industry continues to include more safety technology in new vehicles, Malloy Collision Center encourages our customers to purchase vehicles with the above-recommended safety features and to look for the highest safety rating. We are committed to the safety of your and your family.

*See dealer for details


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